Heavy Duty Towing


Our Heavy Duty Towing Services is in high demand throughout Fairfax County and Loudoun County. We have seven locations. We support cities including Chantilly, Sterling, Vienna, Tysons, Fairfax, Oakton, Falls Church, Merrifield, Annandale, Reston, Herndon, Centreville and Manassas. We are very proud of the fact that Road Runner Wrecker Service handles over 50% of the heavy truck towing, semi towing issues in the area. Over 90% of the county governments in the area use Road Runner Wrecker Service because of our reliability and attention to detail. They work with us because we are the best, the most reliable and the most competent. Our team of towing experts is highly skilled in working with big rigs, farm equipment, construction equipment and semi trucks.

Our team of heavy towing experts knows all the ins and outs of vehicle recovery and heavy towing equipment. With years and years of experience, we have access to all the latest innovations in heavy towing.

We have an extraordinary staff of heavy towing experts who know semi roadside assistance and vehicle recovery from the inside out. They have many years of experience. What’s more, we have every possible piece of equipment at our disposal and our team knows every inch of every towing vehicle in our fleet. Only the best trained, towing professionals work at Road Runner Wrecker Service. Heavy truck towing experts comprise our entire staff. What’s more, our dispatchers are incredibly knowledgeable. They can guide you and help you along the way. It’s their job to match you to the right Wreckmaster certified heavy towing operator.


When Road Runner Wrecker Service looks at a heavy duty towing job, we are governed by a few core principles. First, we believe in cooperation. You can work with us on the phone or login to our system. We let you work the way you want to work. If you need information, we can provide it to you. Our systems are very detailed and always up-to-date. Second, we believe in transparency of pricing. Our quotes follow strict guidelines. You won’t be gouged with extreme pricing from day-to-day. 90% of our customers have been with us for over 6 years. When companies start working with Road Runner Wrecker Service, they stick around. Our prices for heavy duty towing are carefully configured for safety and security and a long term business relationship. Our clients are with us for years and years because of our integrity and value. Our pricing applies to big rig tows, load shifts and even tractor sways. We handle every type of heavy duty towing or heavy recovery situation.

Road Runner takes pride in working hard so you don’t have to worry. For example, if your tractor trailer is disabled we can swap out the disabled power unit and bring the broken tractor home to a repair facility. When you need fast, dependable heavy duty wrecker service, call Road Runner Heavy Wrecker Service. We offer safe and reliable heavy duty tow truck services.

Many heavy towing companies don’t have the knowledge to help in every type of situation.

We understand your business challenges and the importance of keeping your fleet fully operational, and we’ll act fast to keep your hard-working outfit running at full capacity.

The team at Road Runner has the training, experience and knowledge to handle every challenging semi truck tow and big rig tow situation.


We service the following Interstate Highways in Virginia.
We provide heavy towing services to I-495, I-66, I-95.

We also provide heavy duty towing services on the following Virginia Highways. These highways include 28, 267, 193, 15, 7, 17, 234 as well as highways 29, 236, 620, 286, 640, 644, 286, 641, 638, 654, 710, 613.

We also provide heavy towing services in Maryland on the following Interstate Highways. We provide heavy towing on I-270, I-370, I-495 and I-70. Road Runner provides towing services on the following highways in Maryland including 112, 190, 355, 115, 586, 97, 185, 586, 97, 390, 29, 650, 410.

No matter where you are in the area we have the right heavy tow vehicles to get you back on the road fast.


Sometimes the most basic things go wrong on your semi trailer.

Maybe your engine is overheated because coolant is getting to the radiator and you just need a hose.

Perhaps your marker lights are out. Our semi roadside assistance and semi road service teams are always ready to help out no matter the issue.


Sometimes your vehicle might get stuck in a swampy or muddy area.

Road Runner Wrecker Service is always ready with the experience and equipment to handle the job. It doesn’t matter if need to lift your pickup truck or construction equipment, we are ready to help out. Road Runner will get your vehicle upright and back on the road with skill and precision. We adhere to very precise safety standards. Our procedures are very carefully thought out and we are fast.

We have the skills and know-how to methodically extract your vehicle. We’ll keep traffic moving while we re-balance a trailer load before we go in for the lift. And we’ll listen to what you need to get it done right.


Road Runner Wrecker Services provides heavy towing services to local companies in the construction industry. We have the expertise to move any piece of equipment with complete reliability. We are able to handle forklift moving and forklift towing. We tow cherry pickers.

We tow dump trucks, cement trucks, cranes and backhoes and box trucks. Our fleet heavy hauls tractor trailers, tanker trucks and garbage trucks. We tow farm equipment from tractors to spreaders and harvesters.

Local police and fire departments rely on Road Runner Wrecker Service. Repair shops, local car dealerships, restaurants, apartment complexes, commercial property owners and even department stores all work with us. We take pride in working with our partners to provide reliable commercial towing services throughout Northern Virginia and the Panhandle of West Virginia. Give us a call today to learn how we can help you solve any commercial towing problem you may have.


Getting delivery on time and on schedule can you to rely on your Heavy duty tow truck company. We will fit your schedule and deliver construction equipment when you need it.

The heavy duty towing team can provide an excavator towing, bulldozer shipping, excavator hauling, oversize transport and dump truck transports as well.

Our team is Wreckmaster certified. When your equipment needs to be towed or moved, Road Runner Wrecker Service is ready.


We are also heavily involved with moving fifth wheels, travel trailers, motor homes, campers and RV’s.

Road Runner Wrecker Service has all the RV towing equipment and expertise needed to safely transport you and your loved ones in a reliable and efficient manner.


Maybe your battery is dead or perhaps its just cold and you can’t get your semi truck started.

Call us and we will send a heavy towing vehicle out right away. Think of Road Runner Wrecker Service for a jump start.

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