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Truck Wash

Truck Wash

The Truck Wash is the first commercial truck wash in Northern Virginia! Over the past thirty years in the industry, we’ve had the pleasure of building relationships with all of our customers. This allows us to identify their needs and come up with solutions for them. One of those needs was a truck wash in the local area!

The closest commercial truck wash is over 70 miles away in Fredericksburg, Virginia, making it difficult to get a professional, quick wash. Our Truck Wash includes break-away, fast-moving doors, undercarriage spray, spot-free rinse, heated pressure wash, and choices of materials/soaps!

Standard Wash

Includes alkaline presoak spray archway, high-pressure undercarriage, heated pressure washing, windshield and window “Bug-Off” chemical, chrome and wheel “Wheel-Cleaner” chemical, thorough brush-cleaning of the body, wheels, and other areas of truck, Spot-Free Reverse Osmosis rinse.

Additional Services

Tire Dressing
Rain-X Wax Application

Touchless Wash

Does not include hand brushing. Includes all chemicals and applications of standard wash. A quicker, cheaper alternative to our standard wash.

*Trucks are subject to an additional charge for excessive mud and other materials that require extra cleaning.
*We do not conduct roof cleaning for the safety of our staff.

No job is too difficult for Road Runner. We will always say yes!

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