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Semi Towing Leaning 25,000 lb Load

Semi Towing Team Keeps Tractor Trailer From Rolling Over

Road Runner’s semi towing team was a key player in keeping a tractor-trailer from rolling over in Leesburg last Tuesday. A truck driver carrying a 25,000 lb load of concrete powder made a  wrong turn into a cul-de-sac. As he tried to get out of the cul-de-sac, he turned a bit too sharply and ended up driving over someone’s lawn! 

Committed to the turn, he continued and ended up running over a tree and a large rock prior to getting himself pinned. To make matters worse, his load became unbalanced, causing his trailer to lean at an extremely precarious angle. Any further movement would cause the trailer to completely tip over! 

Bo and his rotator were on the scene within 25 minutes of getting the call. There was little room for maneuver so Bo had to keep his rotator slightly closer to the leaning truck than he would have preferred. Bo rotated the boom of his powerful rotator over his cab and picked up the trailer. He kept supporting the weight of the trailer as the driver of the truck moved back and forth until he was able to safely reposition the cab. 

Once the cab was cleared, Bo helped the driver offload 4 pallets of concrete powder and reload them in a way that evenly distributed the trailer’s load. Many tow truck operators would have said no to this job as there really was not any room for maneuver and therefore even less room for error. With Bo’s incredible heavy duty towing skills, he managed to save the truck from completely rolling over, losing the load and totaling the truck. 

It was good news for everyone … except the homeowner who received some unwanted landscaping. Fantastic work out there, Bo! 



Details of Semi Towing Team Keeps Tractor Trailer From Rolling Over

The dispatch team at Road Runner Wrecker Service received a request for a semi towing team in Leesburg, just off Highway 7. A semi towing team was immediately dispatched to the client’s location. The semi towing team arrived at the client’s location within 25 minutes. The semi towing team assessed the situation. A semi tractor trailer was stuck in a turn with it’s 25,000 lb load leaning precariously to one side. 

The semi towing team had no choice but to move their rotator very close to the client’s truck. The semi towing team then swung their boom out in front of their cab. The semi towing team hooked up to the trailer and slowly lifted it into the air. The semi towing team coordinated with the truck driver and moved the trailer as he was readjusting the cab.

Once the truck driver had successfully cleared the cab, the semi towing team focused their efforts on adjusting the load. The semi towing team used a forklift to offload 4 pallets of concrete powder weighing 2500 lb each. The semi towing team then reloaded the pallets onto the trailer of the truck.

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