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Heavy Towing 48,000 lb in Sterling

Heavy Towing Company Helps Load Rubber Tire Loader Onto Lowboy

Road Runner Wrecker Service responded to a call for a heavy towing company in Sterling, VA, last week. A local business was shipping a rubber tire loader from Sterling to Oklahoma but had no way of getting it onto a trailer for transport.

The rubber tire loader had suffered a catastrophic malfunction which led to a fire. Unable to repair the loader, the business owner decided to sell it to a metal recycling company. Buying a new loader is going to be expensive so any money they could make off the scrap metal would be well appreciated!

Bo, Road Runner’s 8/9R WreckMaster certified rotator operator made his way to the customer’s location on a bright sunny morning. When you’ve been working in the heavy towing industry for as long as Bo has, lifting a 48,000 lb burnt carcass of a machine is as easy as 1-2-3!

Bo secured his lines to four points of contact on the rubber tire loader. With all his lines in place, he slowly lifted the machine into the air, making sure to keep it’s center of gravity stable. Using the rotator’s boom, he slowly placed the loader above the lowboy trailer. Within one hour, Bo had lifted, lowered, and secured the loader onto the trailer.

Fantastic work out there!

heavy towing heavy towing

Details of Heavy Towing Company Helps Load Rubber Tire Loader Onto Lowboy

A call for a heavy towing team was received on a Thursday morning in Sterling, VA. The Road Runner dispatch team responded to the call. The customer needed a heavy towing team to assist with lifting a rubber tire loader onto their lowboy trailer.

The heavy towing dispatcher sent Bo out to the job as Bo’s 50-ton rotator would easily be able to lift the 48,000 lb rubber tire loader. When the heavy towing team arrived at the customer’s location, they assessed the situation.

The heavy towing team located four strong points of contact on the rubber tire loader. One by one, the heavy towing team hooked onto the four contact points. With all the lines secured, the heavy towing team ran the final security checks prior to lifting the rubber tire loader into the air.

Once all the security checks were completed, the Sterling heavy towing team slowly began to lift the rubber tire loader into the air. The heavy tow truck operator then placed the rubber tire loader on top of the awaiting lowboy trailer.

The heavy towing team disconnected their lines from the point of contact on the rubber tire loader. They then worked with the transport team to ensure that the loader was properly secured to the back of the trailer prior to transport.

The burnt construction equipment would be transported by land to Oklahoma where it would be taken apart and sold for scrap metal.

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