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Heavy Duty Towing Team Help 400 Trapped Construction Workers

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Heavy Duty Towing Team Is On The Clock to Upright Mixer

Police requested a heavy duty towing team’s presence outside of a job site on Energy Park Drive in Leesburg, VA. A concrete mixer had rolled over while it was turning off the main road and into the job site, blocking both the entrance and exit to the site. To make matters worse, this accident happened right before the end of shift! The Road Runner team arrived to find 400 employees trapped in the parking lot, unable to go home to their families.

If a rolled over mixer and 400 restless construction workers wasn’t enough pressure, the site manager was also in a rush as the company wasn’t particularly excited about having to cover overtime pay for 400 workers! Thankfully, the Road Runner team has always persevered under pressure. Certified tow truck operators Tom and David (Road Runner’s CEO) analysed the scene. This extremely tricky job was made even more difficult by the tight time frame. That being said, with the right experience and the right equipment, no job is impossible.

Using a rotator, Tom and David worked in unison to quickly and safely upright the mixer. The 400 workers only had to wait an extra 15 minutes before making their trips home. An inexperienced team would never have been able to pull off what Tom and David did! Thank you for exemplifying Road Runner’s dedicated and professional towing services.

Heavy duty towing rotator provides crane service to lift cement mixer

Details of Heavy Duty Towing Team Is On The Clock to Upright Mixer

The Road Runner dispatch center received a call for a heavy duty towing team to go to a job site just off Sycolin Road on Energy Park Drive. A cement mixer had rolled over and was blocking the entrance and exit to a job site. A heavy duty towing team was immediately sent to the job site. The heavy duty towing team arrived at the job site. The heavy duty towing team assessed the situation.

The heavy duty towing team noted that the cement mixer was indeed blocking the entrance and exit to the job site parking lot. The police had blocked off the main road as well in order to facilitate the heavy towing team’s work. The heavy towing team backed up their rotator to the cement mixer. Using carefully placed support straps, the heavy towing team were able to lift the cement mixer and upright it. The heavy towing team moved the mixer out of the way of the entrance and exit of the job site parking lot. The heavy towing team and the police then assessed the scene. The police determined that they were now able to open the road. The police opened the road. 400 construction workers were now able to exit the parking lot and head home. The heavy towing team left the job site and were ready for another tow truck call. 


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