Construction Towing on I-66 E

Construction Towing Team Tows 40,000 lb Bridge Beam

Road Runner’s construction towing team responded to a truck breakdown on I-66 E in Fairfax, VA. The tractor trailer was hauling a 40,000 lb beam when out of nowhere, disaster struck and an injector problem forced the driver to an immediate stop. If that was not enough, this happened right in the middle of rush hour! The truck was now blocking the right lane of I-66 with the driver unable to move the truck at all.

Road Runner immediately dispatched their 60 ton wrecker to respond to the incident. The construction towing team’s main priority was to get the tractor trailer off of I-66 in order to avoid a massive traffic jam! Tow truck operator, Bo, quickly hooked onto the front of the truck and towed it off the I-66 to a safe location in Gainesville. 

Now that they were off the interstate, the construction towing team was able to focus on the task at hand: supporting the 40,000 lb beam while they swapped out the power unit (tractor) for a new one! You may be asking yourself why Bo and his team had to support the weight of the beam. The answer is simple as the beam itself was not resting on a trailer but was only attached to the tractor with a fifth wheel bar!

Thankfully the 40,000 lb beam was no match for Road Runner’s 60 ton rotator and the team was able to easily support the beam and swap in a new tractor. Great work out there!

Construction Towing Construction Towing

Details of Construction Towing Team Moves 40,000 lb Bridge Beam

The construction towing team at Road Runner was called out to an incident on I-66 E in Fairfax, Virginia. Upon receiving the call, the construction towing team was immediately dispatched to the customer’s location. When the construction towing team arrived on the scene, they knew that they had to focus on getting the truck off of the interstate as it was blocking the right lane.

The construction towing team backed up their 60 ton rotator to the front of the truck. Once they were at a safe distance, the towing team lifted the front of the tractor and hooked up to the front axle. The construction towing team then towed the truck and beam to Gainesville where they were able to find a safe location to swap out power units.

The towing team needed to support the weight of the beam as it was attached to the tractor with a fifth wheel bar instead of a trailer. With the construction towing team supporting the beam’s weight, they were able to safely swap out power units. Once the new power unit was in place, the construction equipment towing team slowly lowered the 40,000 lb beam and re-attached it to the tractor.

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