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Virginia Towing Company Attends Crash Responder Safety Week

Towing Company Takes Part in Safety Awareness Initiative 

Virginia towing company, Road Runner Wrecker Service was proud to be a part of the 2022 Crash Responder Safety Week. The towing company attended and provided a truck for the FHWA CRSW event in the U.S. Department of Transportation Headquarters. 

As a trusted towing company in the Virginia area, Road Runner was extremely proud to represent a Virginia towing company at the event. This yearly event took place on Nov 13-18 and is sponsored by the Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration.

What is Crash Responder Safety Week?

The annual event is an initiative that recognizes all traffic incident management, or TIM, response communities. The initiative seeks to make a difference in roadway safety during traffic accidents, an issue that is important for towing company Road Runner. 

The event takes place around the country. Traffic incident management communities share and teach each other, as well as teach the public about roadway safety during accidents. This means educating vehicle drivers about Move Over laws and quick and safe roadway clearance. 

What is the Move Over Law?

Enacted in 2022, the Move Over law is extremely important for the safety of towing company operators, first responders, and other vehicles and drivers that may be on the road. The law states that when drivers pass vehicles that are flashing red, blue, or amber lights, they must move over to the next lane. These lights are often from a towing company, police department, or fire department. 

Sadly, many first responders are seriously injured or killed while clearing the way during a roadway crash or incident. It is crucial that motorists follow the Move Over law in order to protect towing company drivers and other first responders. If you see flashing lights, remember to slow down, move over, and drive safely. 

Road Runner Towing Company and CRSW

Road Runner was a towing company that attended the event not locally in their own community, but in the U.S. Department of Transportation Headquarters. The Road Runner crew and entire Virginia towing company was extremely proud to have the opportunity to attend. This year’s CRSW theme was ‘Respect Our Roadside Heroes’ and the towing company was extremely happy to be able to be there in person to support the initiative and educate the public. 

Looking back at the event, the towing company crew stated, “It was an honor to sign the Proclamation, thank our first responders, bring awareness to Incident Management, and come together for Crash Responder Safety Week. Finally, we want to share a reminder to always Slow Down and Move Over.”

The Virginia towing company would like to thank Jim Austrich, Traffic Incident Management (TIM) Program Manager, with the Federal Highway Administration. Thank you to Linda Unruh with All-Rite Towing & Repair, Inc. for sharing her moving story. Thank you to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, U.S. Department of Transportation, and many others in attendance. Thank you to our own driver Eli Ulloa for representing Road Runner Wrecker Service during this event!

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