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Towing Company Debuts New 12 Ton Wrecker!

Towing Company Adds 12 Ton Wrecker to Their Fleet

Road Runner Wrecker Service knows that in order to be the best towing company in the area, they need to continue investing in their fleet. By maintaining their current fleet and adding on new trucks, they are able to ensure rapid response times to their customers.

One of the newest additions to the Road Runner fleet is a 2022 Freightliner M2. This medium duty wrecker will be used for jobs where a vehicle weighs between 10,0001-26,000 lbs! This makes it extremely versatile as it can be used for both light duty towing jobs and medium duty towing jobs.

We often throw the words light duty towing, medium duty towing, and heavy towing around, but what do they mean exactly? Our light duty towing fleet is perfect for towing passenger vehicles and small SUVs. They are the perfect trucks for getting vehicles out of tight spaces like underground garages.

Our medium duty fleet includes our medium duty wreckers and flatbed trucks. They can handle larger SUVs, small buses, and motorhomes.

Our heavy duty towing division can tow and recover all types of heavy vehicles. They can tow a fully-loaded semi tractor trailer, upright a box truck, haul construction equipment, and more! The Road Runner heavy towing fleet includes heavy wreckers, rotators, specialised trailers, and more!

At the moment, the Road Runner Wrecker Service logo can be seen on the side of the truck. That being said, everyone loves a good makeover! The truck is scheduled to be wrapped in the next coming months. We’ll make sure to update you with its new glamor shots once that happens!

Have you seen Road Runner’s new truck on the road? Let us know in the comments below!

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Towing Company Adds 12 Ton Wrecker to Their Fleet

Road Runner Wrecker Service is a family-owned towing company based in Leesburg, VA. This towing company provides light, medium, and heavy towing services 24/7. The towing company recently purchased a 2022 Freightliner M2 medium duty wrecker. This 12-ton wrecker will be used by the towing company in both light and medium duty towing jobs. Also included in the towing company’s fleet is light duty wreckers, flatbed tow trucks, RGN trailers, heavy wreckers, rotators, bobcats, forklifts, and more!

Road Runner Wrecker Services offers 24 hour light, medium, and heavy duty towing services. They also offer comprehensive roadside assistance, diesel mechanic services, transportation services, and more. They recently opened the areas first 24 hour commercial truck wash! If you need a towing company in Leesburg, Sterling, Chantilly, Purcellville, Summit Point, or Alexandria, call 703-450-7555.

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