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Tow Truck Company Tows Unlucky 1000 Mile Mercedes

Tow Truck Company Tows Super Low Mercedes

The owner of a brand new Mercedes definitely was not expecting to have to call a tow truck company when his car only had 1000 miles on it! The unlucky owner of this vehicle was staying at his vacation house in Waterford, VA,  when he first started to run into car trouble. As he would start his car, it would begin to stutter and make an unpleasant noise. To top it all off, the check engine light came on.

There are times in life where one needs to take a risk. Driving your stuttering new expensive car with the check engine light on is not a risk this owner felt comfortable taking. Thankfully, one of Road Runner’s specialised trucks was on standby 8 miles away in Purcellville. This particular tow truck operator, Curtis,  is Road Runner’s go-to for low riding vehicles. His experience combined with the fact that his truck is specialised for lower cars, made him the perfect person for this job.

Curtis was with the stricken Mercedes in 20 minutes. While we may love fancy new technology, it can sometimes be a burden. The Mercedes’ electronic transmission and electronic parking brake made it quite difficult to winch. Thankfully, after a thorough assessment of the situation, Curtis was confident that the car could be driving onto the truck. Taking his time, he got the car onto his truck with no issue and without causing damage. With the tricky part done, the car was towed to it’s dealership in Chantilly.

 Sometimes all you need is a little bit of patience … and decades of experience!

Great work out there, Curtis! We are lucky to have you on our team!

Tow Truck Company Tows Low Mercedes

Details of Tow Truck Company Tows Super Low Mercedes

Road Runner’s dispatch center received a call requesting a tow truck company. A client in Waterford, VA, did not feel comfortable driving his Mercedes as the check engine light was on and it was making an odd sound. The tow truck company had a tow truck operator on standby 8 miles away in Purcellville. The tow truck company dispatched the tow truck operator to the job.

The tow truck company arrived at the client’s vacation home in Waterford, VA. The tow truck company assessed the situation. The tow truck company had to get the extremely low Mercedes up onto the tow truck without causing any damage. The tow truck company placed wooden blocks on the ground in order to raise the car’s bumper. This would prevent the car from scraping against the tow truck when it was being driven up the ramp.

The tow truck company slowly drove the Mercedes up onto the tow truck. The tow truck operator ensured that the Mercedes was properly strapped down and ready for transport. The tow truck driver concluded that the car was securely strapped and safe to move. The tow truck driver drove the tow truck to the dealership in Chantilly, VA. 

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