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Tow Company Lifts 24,000 lb CABOOSE

Virginia Tow Company Uses 60 Ton Wrecker to Lift Old School Caboose

When you work for a tow company, you never know what each day will bring you. We are certain that when heavy tow truck operator Bo started his work week, he didn’t think he would be lifting an old caboose! Yet, that is exactly what he did for a family last week!

The 24,000 lb caboose had been in the family for the past 15 years. It had been sitting unused in their Connecticut backyard. When the family decided to move to Virginia they decided to bring the caboose with them! Tiny houses are all the rage and the family planned to convert the old caboose into a home.

The train car was transported to Virginia, on a lowboy trailer. Unfortunately, the moving company could not off-load the trailer on their own. Road Runner received the call and sent out Bo with his 60-ton wrecker along with another semi truck to complete the journey to the family’s property.

Bo made quick work of lifting the old train car into the air. As he was ready to slowly lower the caboose onto the trailer, he got some unexpected help from the moving company owner’s children. Brandon (13 years old) and Jared (10 years old) helped Bo (definitely older than 13!) with the super important task of pressing the button to lower the caboose onto the lowboy.

The Road Runner transport team then delivered the caboose to the family’s property where a 100-ton crane was waiting. They used the crane to place the historic train car in place. We can’t wait to see what it looks like after the conversion!

Thank you for all the help Brandon and Jared! Bo could not have done it without you!

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Details of Virginia Tow Company Uses 60 Ton Wrecker to Lift Old School Caboose

The Road Runner Tow Company dispatch center received a call for a heavy lifting team in Virginia. The tow company dispatched a 60-ton wrecker, a semi truck, and a lowboy trailer to the customer’s location.

The heavy tow company used an I-Beam and 4 lines (2 on each side of the caboose) to lift it into the air. The towing service swung the caboose on top of the second lowboy trailer. Once it was in the proper position, the tow company lowered the train car onto the lowboy. The heavy tow company removed the straps connecting the 60-ton wrecker to the caboose. They then focused on securing the caboose to the lowboy.

The tow company then drove the caboose to the customer’s property where a 100-ton crane was waiting. The crane operator lifted the caboose off of the trailer and placed it in it’s new position on the family’s property. With the caboose in place, the team made their way back to Road Runner’s headquarters.

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