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Heavy Duty Towing Team Gets Dump Truck Out of a Tricky Situation

Skills and Expertise Shine Through During Tough Heavy Duty Towing Operation

The importance of having professionally trained and certified heavy duty towing operators was highlighted during a tow operation in Lovettsville. A loaded dump truck was making a right turn in a residential area and had cut through a portion of grass on the corner in order to make the tight turn. Before the driver could complete the turn, the dump truck suddenly began to sink.

The grass evidently could not handle the weight of a fully loaded dump truck and the back tires found themselves two feet below ground! To make the poor driver’s life even more difficult, the truck was not only sinking … it was leaning up against a telephone pole! 

Road Runner’s dispatcher had assessed the situation and sent out two heavy duty wreckers to the scene. Travis and Corey, two trained and certified operators arrived and jumped straight into action. The truck was blocking the road so it was imperative that they get it out of the way as quickly as possible. This was an extremely tight corner and manoeuvring two heavy wreckers while winching a loaded dump truck was no easy feat!

Thankfully, after years in the field, Travis and Corey had become excellent problem solvers. With expert coordination, they managed to lift the dump truck out of it’s newly dug hole and winch it out of the way. If that was not impressive enough, they managed to do so without damaging the telephone pole.

Outstanding work, Travis and Corey! 

Heavy Duty Towing

Details of Skills and Expertise Shine Through During Tough Heavy Duty Towing Operation

The Road Runner dispatch center received a call requesting a heavy duty towing team in Lovettsville, off the Berlin Turnpike. The dispatch team assessed the situation and dispatched two heavy duty towing teams. Both teams were dispatched with a heavy duty wrecker. The heavy duty teams immediately made their way towards the scene of the incident.

The heavy duty towing teams arrived at the scene of the accident after a short 11 mile drive. The teams assessed the situation. The heavy duty towing teams noted that the back wheels of a loaded dump truck were sinking into the ground, causing the dump truck to lean on a telephone pole. The dump truck was also positioned in a way that it was completely blocking all traffic flow. The heavy towing team needed to get the truck out of the way as soon as possible in order to re-open the road.

The heavy duty towing teams backed up both wreckers towards the sinking dump truck. The heavy duty towing teams first lifted the dump truck out of the ground. Once the dump truck was back on all it’s wheels, the heavy towing team used a wrecker to winch it out of the way. The road was now open to traffic once again. The heavy duty towing team assessed the dump truck. The heavy towing team determined that the truck was suitable to drive and were confident the driver would encounter no more issues. The heavy duty team returned to Road Runner’s headquarters and awaited another call.

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