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Heavy Duty Rollover Recovery on Route 15

Heavy Duty Rollover Recovery for 2007 Volvo VHD and Spilled Load 

When the unexpected happens on the roads of Leesburg, VA, one towing company stands out as the go-to solution for heavy duty rollover recovery. Road Runner Wrecker Service recently came to the rescue of a distressed truck driver in need of professional assistance.

It all began when the truck driver found himself in a precarious situation. Descending down an exit ramp, his 2007 Volvo VHD truck suddenly veered off the road and ended up on its side, dangerously close to a guardrail. To make matters worse, the truck’s load of dirt spilled out, further complicating the recovery process.

Located near the Bypass Flyover on Route 15, the scene was set for Road Runner Wrecker Service to showcase their expertise. With swift precision, their team arrived, equipped with the necessary tools and vehicles, including a tracked bobcat skid steer and two powerful rotators. Alongside the Virginia State Police, who were already present, the recovery operation was ready to commence.

Methodically, the skilled heavy-duty rollover recovery team sprang into action. Their first priority was to clean up the spilled load, ensuring the area was safe and clear. With careful precision, they disentangled the truck from the guardrail and expertly maneuvered it back onto its wheels. The damaged vehicle was then towed to the secure Road Runner storage facility, where further assessments could take place.

Throughout the entire process, Road Runner Wrecker Service displayed professionalism and efficiency, completing the recovery operation within a commendable timeframe. Kudos to the heavy duty rollover recovery team! 

Details of Heavy Duty Rollover Recovery for 2007 Volvo VHD and Spilled Load 

Road Runner Wrecker Service recently assisted a customer with heavy duty rollover recovery. The towing company dispatcher answered the call of the truck driver who realized he needed the professional assistance of a heavy duty rollover recovery team. 

He explained to the heavy duty rollover recovery dispatcher that his 2007 Volvo VHD was heading downhill on an exit ramp. Unfortunately, he unexpectedly ran off the road and flipped the truck onto the guardrail onto its passenger side. The truck’s full load of dirt spilled and the dump truck rolled over, which is why he needed heavy duty rollover recovery. 

The heavy duty rollover recovery job was located along Route 15 near the Bypass Flyover in Leesburg, VA. A heavy duty rollover recovery team made their way to the scene along with a tracked bobcat skidsteer for clean-up and two rotators. Multiple men and rollbacks were sent out for cleanup, in addition to oil dry used to absorb fluids, brooms, and shovels. The heavy duty rollover recovery team was met with the Virginia State Police, who were also on the scene. 

The heavy duty rollover recovery team commenced the recovery by cleaning up the spilled load. They removed the truck from the guard rail, rolled it over, and towed it to the Road Runner storage facility. The entire heavy duty rollover recovery took 2 hours in total. 

Damages due to the incident included damage to the passenger side of the vehicle, load spillage, damage to the tires and axles, a smashed cab from the impact, and a totaled truck. 

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