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Emergency Vehicle Towing in Sterling

Emergency Vehicle Towing Team Helps Tow Firetruck In Need Of Repairs

Road Runner’s emergency vehicle towing team was proud to help local firefighters last week in Sterling, VA. The fire department in question was doing some routine tire maintenance when a faulty jack caused the truck to fall to the ground. A quick inspection showed that the fall caused a rupture in the fuel tank!

One thing we don’t always think about is how even heroes need help sometimes. The fire department did not want to take the risk and drive the firetruck with a hole in the fuel tank! They gave our emergency vehicle towing team a call and we were at the firehouse within 25 minutes.

The Road Runner team goes to work every day to keep our community safe. Having a firetruck down is not ideal and we did everything in our power to get it to a repair shop as quickly as possible. The towing team chose to tow the firetruck from the rear. Should they have towed it from the front axle, they would have had to disconnect the driveline. By towing it from the rear, they were able to skip this step.

Not all vehicles can be towed this way and it is always done at the discretion of the professionally trained towing team. Did you know that Road Runner’s heavy towing operators are all WreckMaster certified? Their training and years of experience give them the know-how to make on-the-spot decisions like this!

Thanks to Road Runner’s reactivity, the firetruck was at a local repair shop within one hour of the towing team being called. Fantastic work out there!

Our emergency vehicle towing team sees a lot of action. Here are some pictures of some of our past emergency vehicle tows!


Details of Emergency Vehicle Towing Team Helps Tow Firetruck In Need Of Repair

An emergency vehicle towing service was requested at a local fire department’s headquarters. A nearby team was immediately dispatched from Road Runner Heavy Duty Towing & Semi Truck Towing, 45660 Woodland Rd UNIT B, Sterling, VA 20166, United States. 

The emergency vehicle towing unit arrived at the firehouse within 25 minutes of being called. Once at the firehouse, the emergency vehicle towing team assessed the situation. The emergency vehicle towing team noted that the fuel tank on the firetruck was ruptured. The fire department had requested the emergency vehicle towing unit to help them tow the truck to a nearby repair shop.

The emergency vehicle towing team backed up towards the rear of the firetruck. Once at the appropriate distance from the firetruck, the emergency towing team used their wheel lift to lift the rear tires of the fire truck. The emergency vehicle towing team then safely hooked onto the firetruck. Since they hooked on from the rear, the emergency towing team did not need to disconnect the driveshaft. 

The towing team then towed the firetruck to a nearby repair facility where it would undergo repairs on its fuel tank.

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