Little Wrecker Pulls Big Trailer

Heavy Recovery on Rural Road Makes A Garbage Truck Tow Interesting

A garbage truck was in need of a heavy recovery after his navigation system decided to take him on an adventure. We’ve all had one of those situations where you trust your navigation system to take you from point A to point B without any hiccups. Suddenly, you find yourself on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere with no reception. Technology is great, but sometimes it definitely does take us for a loop.

This unlucky driver thought he was turning his truck on a public road when in reality he was turning onto a muddy private road belonging to a local farm. The cows definitely got a show when the garbage truck was stuck in the mud and unable to turn around. As luck would have it, David Butcher,, the CEO of Road Runner Wrecker Service happened to be in the area. He knew that bringing a large wrecker to the scene would most likely end up with the wrecker stuck in the mud as well. He decided to attempt the tow truck job using a four-wheel drive little wrecker.

With some expertly placed snatch blocks and wire ropes, he successfully managed to move the truck out of it’s muddy jail. He then had to back up with the truck for half a mile until they found a suitable place for the truck to turn. All in a day’s work for our CEO! Great job David!

Details of Heavy Recovery on Rural Road Makes A Garbage Truck Tow Interesting

The heavy recovery team received a call about a garbage truck in need of a tow. The truck was stuck on a private road going through a farm. The heavy recovery team noted the location of the truck and made their way to the site. The heavy recovery team decided to use a four wheel drive little wrecker as the muddy road would prove too difficult to navigate a large wrecker.

The heavy recovery team arrived at the job off of Blue Ridge Mt. Road in Loudoun County. The heavy recovery team assessed the situation. The garbage truck was stuck on a small but very muddy road.The heavy recovery team used several snatch blocks, wire ropes, and trees in order to be able to move the stuck garbage truck. The heavy towing team used the snatch blocks and the wire ropes and began going back and forth with the little wrecker. This enabled the heavy recovery team to get enough leverage to be able to wench the truck 3 feet and get it unstuck. The heavy recovery team then guided the truck as they drove 0.5 miles in reverse looking for a good spot for the garbage truck to attempt a turn.  The heavy recovery team located a safe spot for the garbage truck to turn. The heavy recovery team stood by as the truck made its turn to ensure that everything went well. Once the truck was back on the road, the heavy recovery team returned back to Road Runner Wrecker Service headquarters.

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