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Towing Service Recovers 74,000 lb Wreck!

Towing Service Sends 3 WreckMaster Operators to Tackle Tough Recovery

Road Runner Towing Service was at the site of yet another accident involving a copper truck! This particular tractor trailer was hauling 45,000 lb of loose recycled copper in cardboard boxes. As the driver took an exit ramp off the Dulles Greenway, he lost control of the fully loaded vehicle.

Within seconds, the truck had cleared a guardrail and completely flipped over as it slid down an embankment. The violent nature of the crash caused the copper to fly into the air, tearing through the trailer walls! The recovery effort would be significant with the truck upside down in the embankment, walls shredded and copper everywhere. To make matters worse, the exit ramp was now completely blocked!

Bo, Corey, and Tom are all members of the heavy duty towing division at Road Runner. What sets Road Runner apart from other towing companies is our incredible employees. Not only do Bo, Corey, and Tom all have a passion for towing, they are all WreckMaster 8/9R certified! We sent them to the scene of the accident to lead the recovery efforts.

When the Leesburg towing service team arrived on scene, Loudoun County Fire & Rescue were tackling the massive fuel spill that occurred during the accident. The first thing the team did was to get the tractor trailer up out of the embankment and onto solid ground again.

Once they winched the tractor trailer up the embankment, they lifted it into the air in order to upright it. With the weight of the copper taken into consideration, they had to lift over 75,000 lb! The truck was now out of the embankment. Job done, right?

Not so quickly. The team spent the next 3.5 hours off-loading the copper from the destroyed trailer. Once the copper was safe in a new trailer, the recovery team were able to tow the tractor trailer to Road Runner’s secure yard in Purcellville.

Keep up the good work Bo, Corey, and Tom!

Details of Towing Service Sends 3 WreckMaster Operators to Tackle Tough Recovery

On May 20, 2021, Road Runner Towing Service responded to a call requesting a heavy duty towing and recovery team. A team was immediately dispatched to the accident site in Leesburg, VA, with two heavy wreckers, a trailer, and a skid loader.

The towing service team first hooked onto the tractor trailer and slid it up the embankment. Once it was on higher ground, the towing service team lifted it up and set it upright on secure ground.

Before they could tow it, the towing service needed to offload the trailer. Using their skid steer, they offloaded all the loose copper and the copper that remained in boxes. The towing service noted that the back wheels of the trailer were still functional enough to be towed conventionally.

With the accident site cleared, the towing service team towed the tractor and trailer to their secure yard in Purcellville.

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