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Steps to Retrieve your Vehicle

Please call or confirm on our website tools below, the location of your car.

Why was my vehicle impounded?

Road Runner Wrecker Service works with numerous property management companies to keep their properties secure. Property Management provides a list of violations for Road Runner to enforce, maximizing their property’s safety.

Vehicles are impounded for the following reasons:

  • No visible parking permits
  • Parking in a fire lane
  • Parking in a “No Parking” area
  • Overnight parking
  • Parked blocking sidewalks
  • Expired tags, inspection, or county stickers when parked in reserved parking spaces
  • Inoperable vehicle such as flat tire, broken window, etc.
  • Double parked, outside of parking space, or taking up more than one space
  • Blocked driveway
  • Management requested
  • Other violations specified by the property management company

Is my car safe?

Yes. All vehicles are carefully hooked and towed utilizing our state-of-the-art towing equipment. All impounded vehicles are stored in our lot located at 45660-B Woodland Rd, Sterling, VA 20166. This lot is gated, locked, well-lit, clean, and monitored 24/7 through our dispatch teams and cameras.

    What do I need to bring to get my car?

        • Keys
        • Valid Driver’s License
        • Title OR License Registration OR Bill of Sale OR DMV Printout
        • Cash or a Credit/Debit Card (4% Credit Card Fees apply)

    **All names on the License, Title/Registration, and Credit/Debit Card must match**

    **No Personal checks will be accepted**

    If I do not want to retrieve my vehicle, can I still retrieve my belongings?

    Owners may retrieve medicines, wallets/purses, keys other than car keys, and car seats. It is important to note that abandoned vehicles will continue to collect daily storage fee charges. If you no longer want your vehicle, please talk to our Dispatch team about other arrangements.

    Where do I retrieve my vehicle?

    Road Runner Wrecker Service, Inc.

    45660-B Woodland Road

    Sterling, VA 20166

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